You're invited to a 16-course

Yoga Feast with

Samantha Harrison

  • Drinks

    You'll start with self-massage classes that'll get you loosened up and  relaxed. You have 3 different self-massage classes to choose from any time you come to practice. You'll need tennis balls or yoga tune-up balls to practice these.


    25-minute Shoulder & Neck Reset

    45-minute Therapeutic Movement: Upper Body

    60-minute Therapeutic Movement: Full Body

  • Appetizers

    Next you get three movement appetizers to choose from when you want a short practice. These practices range from chair yoga to a gentle mat-based class. No props needed for these other than a chair for the chair yoga classes. 


    35-minute: Full Body Chair Flow

    40-minute: Get Movin' Chair Flow

    30-minute: Lunch Flow

  • Entrees

    As a main course, you have 5 hearty movement practices to choose from when you're ready to get moving and build strength and mobility. These 5-classes range from 40-minutes to 90-minutes in length. 


    90-minute: Hip Freeing Flow

    40-minute: Feel Good Flow

    75-minute: Mindful Movement & Meditation

    90-minute: Take Flight to Crow

    50-minute: Drop it like a squat

  • Desserts

    For your movement desert, you have three back care classes to choose from and a yummy restorative wind down practice. All of these are delicious and you can't go wrong with whichever you choose. 


    35-minute: Back Care 1

    35-minute: Back Care 2

    40-minute: Back Care 3

    25-minute: Wind Down Flow

    10-minute Meditation


I loved Samantha’s “Feel Good Flow” class. It was challenging for me at times but I could also keep up — great for desk workers for sure. I also loved the breathing reminders!

Erin Idehenre

I wish I had done the 'Wind Down Flow' in my PJs so I could just roll over and sleep.

Great relaxation and calming! It may become part of my evening ritual.

Mirka Raschkova

I loved the "Neck & Shoulder Reset' class. It's perfect after a long day of online work. I plan on adding it to my practice a couple times a week.

Cindy Wagoner


Can I purchase the Yoga Feast as a gift?

What if I have purchased many of these classes before?