Yoga Mystery Box

Hand-selected, personalized classes for YOU

**You can cancel anytime before the 15th of the month. After the 15th, Samantha starts making your classes for the following month.


  • Growing Library of 60+ Classes

    You'll never run out of classes to take from home. Classes vary in length, intensity and type. Just need a quick 15-minute Mini Movement Break to fit in the middle of your work day? I got you.


    Craving an extra long and intense practice? Whatever type of class you need it's there and if it's not, I create it for you.

  • NEW Classes and a NEW calendar EVERY MONTH

    At the beginning of every month, you get NEW CLASSES AND a NEW CALENDAR adapted to your individual needs and goals.


    You'll rate your mystery box each month and let me know which types of classes you want more or less of for the next month.

  • Customized Yoga Class Calendar

    Do you wish someone would just tell you exactly which classes to take? Do you wish they'd create a schedule for you based on your goals and preferences?


    Once you complete your questionnaire, I work my yoga magic to create personalized classes and your own monthly yoga calendar.


  • Personal Yoga Questionnaire 

    Once you're signed up, you'll complete a brief questionnaire so that I can learn about the types of classes you like, your goals, your preferred class length and more. This information is what I use to create your custom classes and calendar.

  • 15-minute Call with Samantha

    On this call, we will dive right into your goals and what you'd like to get out of the program so that I can make sure it's perfect FOR YOU.

  • Immediate Access to the Mystery Box

    Immediately upon signing up, you'll have access to the entire library of Mystery Box classes that you can start taking while I create your personalized classes and calendar.

  • Mystery Box Group

    You'll be welcomed into our PRIVATE FB group to help with inspiration, accountability, and this is where we play a game to win prizes (prize examples: yoga tune-up balls, yoga props, essential oils, etc.).

  • Get Your Personal Class Calendar

    You will receive your personal class calendar and custom classes by the first of the month.


    EX: If you sign-up on March 10th, you'll have access to the library and will get your custom calendar and classes by April 1st at the latest. 

Your Custom

Yoga Program

In the Yoga Mystery Box you get custom classes recommended and made FOR YOU similar to the customization you would get with private lessons.


Each month you get a custom yoga calendar, new classes, and accountability via THE GAME within our private Mystery Box Members group.


You can cancel anytime between the 1st-14th of the month. Samantha will start making new classes and calendars for you by the 15th of the month to be ready for the next month.


The Yoga Mystery Box is designed to help you with YOUR GOALS and give you classes tailored for YOUR BODY & YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS all while having fun, of course.


I don't have to think about which classes to do or when.


My personalized yoga calendar and classes keep me motivated.


I'm on month three in the Yoga Mystery Box and am loving being more consistent in taking care of myself.

Mirka R.

I love the Yoga Mystery Box because it is great to have personalized classes to meet your specific goals without the price of regular private sessions!


It's also nice having the Facebook group to share experiences with others.


You still get a sense of community like you would going to classes at a studio.

Caitlin S.

I love how the Mystery Box is detailed and personalized but but there's so many other classes available that you can go out and do your own thing if you want.


The personalized classes have been great for me to fit in during my busy 60+ hour work weeks.

Rachel E.

Closing Soon

*The Yoga Mystery Box closes on APRIL 12th, 2021


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